Main Street School of Music was founded on the principle that the best way for a student to learn is through the study and practice of contemporary music. Our goal is to inspire students to enjoy music on any level, by giving personal, quality instruction. We provide an outlet for musicians to play together and have a great time learning their instruments. With more than a dozen instrument possibilities, a diverse and talented student body representing all ages and skill levels, and a local music industry “who’s who” of instructors, Main Street School is one of the Ottawa region’s premier learning facilities for the musicians of today and tomorrow.

Our programs offer many different study options available in subjects including songwriting, arranging, theory, harmony, ear training, guitar, bass, keyboard, contemporary writing, home recording, and the music business. Choose a program that best fits your time frame and needs, from private weekly lessons, to more intensive programs that will help you develop complete mastery in your area of interest.

With such a wide range of study options, you can get a great education in music, master new skills, stay current in your profession, and explore personal areas of interest.  You’ll get one-on-one guidance from Main Street’s Instructors, and learn with a community of like-minded musicians.


Main Street prepares you for today’s music by building on traditional aspects of learning. Emphasis is placed on achieving a solid foundation in the standard technical challenges of professional performance, including scales, chords, reading, improvisation, interpretation, and standard repertoire.  At Main Street, you will find your own voice and develop your own style. You won’t be limited to one direction. We encourage you to experiment with other styles that interest you, so that you can challenge yourself, improve your skills, and develop your instrumental craft. We will help you to become a musician with a strong musical identity.


Main Street provides a rich learning environment that’s easy to fit into your schedule. We are always available to answer any questions you may have regarding our courses and programs.

CONTACT US about lessons and workshops online, by phone or in person.