Instructor: Guitar,Voice, Ukulele, Banjo
Styles: Rock, Pop, Country, Folk
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
Influences: John Mayer, Led Zeppelin especially Jimmy Page, Dave Grohl, Matthew Good, Dallas Green, all of the people who have ever taught me.

“I started playing to help with anxiety – my Mom had heard that it was a good way to distract your mind.  It grew on me with the introduction of my teacher Randy Young – a love of guitar was born.”

“I started with the guitar – it’s the central point, my home base now but I want to play everything, as much music as possible.”

“My favourite music memory would be the first time I went to Rockfest.  It was my first experience with live music, seeing bands that I love.”

“My favourite style is singer songwriter and blues – Stevie Ray Vaughan comes to mind as a style.  I also love Travis picking.”

“The guitar riff in Black Dog will always be one of my favourite.  Save You Scissors by Dallas Green, all of Continuum by John Mayer.”

“The most important thing a student should know in my opinion is to love music, especially in music lessons – not to thin of them as a chore.  The most important thing I learned coming here was how to appreciate music.”

Various local bands
“I am a Solo performer just getting started – the goal is to be a musician and that I can be just that, all the time.”