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Instructor Guitar
Styles: Rock, Classical, Blues, Jazz
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Influences: Alex Lifeson, Steve Howe and Pat Methany…and a whole slew of blues players

James Hrkach is a multi-arts educator with experience in visual arts, design/illustration, drama/set design and music recording/writing/arranging/performance. After attaining degrees in Visual Arts and Education at Queen’s University, he taught Art, Photography, Drama and Music in the high school system for 26 years. A self-taught musician, he shares his 35 years of experience on stages and in recording studios through private lessons and group workshops at Main Street.

“Started playing drums at the age of 13 and guitar at 14. I saw a student drummer demonstrating a kit in grade 8 and shortly after saw a local play at a dance. Interestingly, in both cases it wasn’t an experience through any media (Radio, records or TV) but being right there in the room with the instruments.”

“A fond musical memory of mine is slogging away at writing prog rock tunes with my drummer friend Mike in garages, barn lofts and church halls.”

“My first style preference is fusion…but that’s not a real answer is it? I have been most inspired by the challenge to integrate styles into single pieces of music (rock, classical, blues, jazz)…and, of course never becoming completely proficient in any one. Stating a second preference after saying that would be silly.”

“Three important pieces of music to me are Beethoven’s 9th, all four sides of Topographic Oceans (Yes) and La Villa Strangiato (Rush) and …oh, I have to stop there…”

“The most important thing a music student should know is how important music is to them.”