This is a band program that brings students of different instruments together as a band.  The main objective of Garage Band is to learn to play music with other people and really enjoy doing it!

what you need to join

To join the program students will need to be able to play their instrument at a certain level.  If you are a student at the school we can consult with you and your teacher as to whether you are ready for this.  If you are not a student at the school, an informal “audition” will be held for you (we need to know what you can do).

how does it work?

Garage Bands meet once a week for one and a half hours, the same time and day each week.  The program starts in September and goes until June of the following year.

The cost is $25.00 per week, paid once a month, or $100.00.  Payment arrangements can be made if required.  Make up classes are not available for missed group lessons.

important to know…

These are performance bands and there will be a number of shows during the year.  Everyone will be expected to play live shows.

There will be a professional recording done at our studio in June.

Like any other “team”, joining Garage Band is a commitment to the whole.  It is important that all band members are present each week.  In order to progress and work together as a band, attendance at all rehearsals is required.