ray clarke.jpg

Instructor: Guitar, Piano, Bass
Styles: Rock, Classical, Jazz, Country
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
Influences: The Beatles, Nirvana, Tupac, J.J. Johnson, Charles Mingus, Mac Miller, Pink Floyd

“I tried to play at a very early age, I made random songs up but wanted to do it with a real instrument. My parents got me lessons so that I could.”

“The moment that did it for me was when my grandfather played a song about a skunk on guitar, it excited me - I wanted to learn how to do that and that was actually the first and last song he played for me.”

“There are so many musical memories - that’s my life. Probably my favourite would be when I was watching a documentary on Youtube - they went all the way from when we only used perfect musical intervals and worked their way through the music of the Beatles.”

“I don’t have one style of music I love more than others but if I was to choose the top 3 it would be rock because it got me in to music from there to hip hop and now jazz. I love all styles.”

“My top 3 favourite songs is a tough call - A Day In the Life - Beatles, The Longest Time - Billy Joel, Penny Lane - Beatles.”

“I think one of the most important things a student should know is knowing what they want to learn.”

Big “A” Arnprior & District High School - for contribution to the Music Dept. at ADHS

Music Award at Summer Camp for singing and playing guitar

High School Jazz Festival Award at the NAC for trombone performance

Dylan Shields Band

Anders Drerup Band

Paula Rich-McGowan

Chris Dzeikens