Title: Instructor
– Piano: Beginner to Advanced,
– Flute: Beginner to Intermediate
– Vocals: Beginner to Intermediate
– Recorder: Beginner to Intermediate
All styles of Music including Classical, Rock, Country, Pop
– All Ages (you’re never too old to start)

I wouldn’t want to say how long I’ve been playing music, ‘cause that might give my age away.  Let’s just say it’s been a very long time.  One of my most memorable musical influences, at least in a Pop/Rock vain, was being able to stay up and watch The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show.  There, now if you “Google” The Beatles on Ed Sullivan you can get an idea of how long I’ve been playing music.””

My parents believed in providing a well-balanced upbringing for their kids that included a formal education, music and sports along with other family and social activities and experiences.   Music however, has always been my passion.  I consider myself very fortunate to have been brought up in a home full of music, and given a very broad range of musical training and experiences.

I have never really had one favorite genre, and there is really not much I won’t listen to or play.  I have extensive Classical training in vocals, piano, and flute.   That being said, I play many styles of music, and also play a little guitar, bass and drums.  I have sung in church choirs as a youngster and moved on to several local rock bands.  I also currently share lead vocals and play keyboards in the R & B band The Priorities.

It is great to be teaching music and experience the beginnings and development of a new musician no matter what age.  I really believe that my part is to insure that students will continue to enjoy playing music for the rest of their lives.  Understanding what you are playing and being able to teach yourself in the future is important.  I also recognize that everyone has a different way of learning and that is a welcome challenge to me.