Instructor: Guitar, Lap Steel, Pedal Steel, Mandolin, Harmonica, Vocals
Styles: Rock, Country, Soul/R&B, Folk
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Influences: James Taylor for songwriting, Ray Charles for soul, Elvis for style, Johnny Rotten for attitude and Debussy.

“I first started playing when a family member left me a guitar in a will – so it began.”

“I have never fully chosen my instrument which is probably why I play a number of instruments.  I came to guitar to accompany myself because I could sing with it.”

“When I was 21 I was in Cuba playing a jazz festival in Havana I was so far detached from my own world thinking this is insane I have to see how far this rabbit hole goes – that’s when music got it’s hooks into me, by being surrounded by some of the best musician’s I’ve ever met.”

“My first love in style would be Blues because it’s repetitive, easy to understand and really soulful.  I do love all styles though – yes even hip hop.”

“The intro to Wish You Were Here changed my life.  I love anything by Ray Charles and Mastadon.”

“Most important thing a student should know in my opinion is how to stick with it and how to practice because if you are going to be a student of anything you need to know how to put the time in.”

Toured extensively, China, Europe, USA, Canada, Central America, Cuba, Slovania.
Across Canada/USA Holiday Train – 5 years
Numerous Bands – The Van Meters, Amanda Rheaume, Nostromos