Instructor: Piano, Voice
Styles: Pop, Alternative, Classical, Country
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
Influences: Amy Lee of Evanescence, Amy Winehouse,  The Used, Tool, No Doubt

“I started playing piano at a very young age then moved on to voice going through the Royal Conservatory of Music.  I was writing poetry and songs and was inspired by Amy Lee of Evanescence.”

“I was doing classical music and discovered symphonic metal and it changed my life!  I became very excited about what I could do with piano and composing.”

“The first musical memory that comes to mind was doing a Community Theater musical - I loved when I played an orphan in Annie,  it was the first time I discovered how at home I felt in the part with my voice. With the piano my favourite memory is the first time I used improvisation playing for some friends - they loved it and I found it extremely encouraging and wanted to do more and more.”

“My musical style is 100% all over the place. I like to see where genres got their influences - how it brings people together and the effect it has on them. People are always experimenting with different pieces of music all over the world - it reminds us that we are all connected.”

“The pick for top 3 favorite songs are The Dog Days Are Over by Florence and the Machine, Stinkfist by Tool and  All I Want by Kodeline. That’s today’s favorites anyway...”

“Probably the most important thing a student should know is that your individuality is the greatest asset an artist can have.”

Studied at Carleton University
Recipient of many awards with the Renfrew County Music Festival
Private RCM piano and vocal lessons since childhood - still studying...