Instructor: Voice
Styles: Rock, Alternative, Country
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
Influences: Jim Morrison, Anthony Kiedis, Roger Hodgson, Caleb Followill, David Bowie

“I first started singing with one of Main Street’s Garage Bands – She’s Insane playing bass and doing back up vocals.  From there I decided I really liked singing and started vocal lessons with Randy Scott and then Danah Krieger.”

“My favourite musical memory would be when my Dad won tickets to see Elton John – we were sitting directly behind him watching him play and sing and bring it all together was magic.”

“I love classic rock as well as alternative rock but then again I like everything – but I guess that’s not a problem.  I like songs with feeling and deep emotion to them, as opposed to cookie cutter pop songs.”

“My favourite songs would be the entire album of Ziggy Stardust and Spiders from Mars - it’s a roller coaster of an album that can take you from one emotional extreme to another. To this day if I put it on it will make me cry.  Soul to Squeeze by the Chilli Peppers – I just like everything about it – great vocals, great guitar lines.  Rain Song by Led Zeppelin is a beautiful song overall – I bought a 12 string guitar just to play that song.”

“The most important thing a student should know in my opinion is what their limitations are – so you know when to stop before you do something that can hurt you.  Then what to do about it…

Played extensively in local bands.